Obornicka 262B, 60-693 Poznań, Poland

MedPolonia Hospital is a modern medical facility, one of the biggest private hospitals in Wielkopolska region. Offers a high level of treatment using latest medical technology and equipment, professional care and great comfort during hospitalization. Aims to provide a high quality customer care as well as clear and transparent information to the Patients about all aspects of their treatment.

MedPolonia Hospital is equipped with two operating rooms, with laminar flow and top class equipment, according to the highest quality requirements. Many of the hospital medical team have practiced and studied both abroad and in Poland. They are members of many international specialist societies and their practice in the hospital is our great distinction. The hospital performs around 2 200 surgeries annuall, has  20 beds in 14 comfortably furnished single and double rooms with air conditioning and individual bathroom facilities, internet connection and TV sets. Parents are invited to stay with their children, we offer separate bed for companion person.

Medizinische Verfahren

Plastische und kosmetische chirurgische Eingriffe
Gynäkologische Verfahren
Orthopädische Verfahren
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