Cosmetics firm L'Oreal and French bioprinting firm Poietis have announced an exclusive research partnership to develop a process of 3D printing viable hair follicles. Could this mean the end of baldness?ccording toL'Oreal's own website,The laser-assisted bioprinting technology developed by Poietis to produce biological tissue can position cells in 3D with extremely high cellular resolution (on the order of ten microns) and cellular viability (over 95%). This unique bioprinting technology involves successively layering micro-drops of bioinks using a quick scan by a laser beam. The living biological tissue created must then be matured for around 3 weeks before it can be used in tests.

Written and Published by David - Assistant Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network and the Hair Loss Learning Center - See more at:
Written and Published by David - Assistant Publisher of theHair Transplant Networkand theHair Loss Learning Center