Dr. Robert Bernstein, world renown hair transplant surgeon and esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians, recently presented advanced robotic hair transplant techniques at the 2017 ARTAS Users Meeting. The two-day conference, held in Coronado, California, was a huge success with over 260 attendees from around the world representing 204 robotic hair restoration practices. Dr. Bernstein closed the meeting with a discussion of five advanced techniques in robotic hair transplant procedures that he developed at Bernstein Medical. Dr. Bernstein's presentation covered the following topics: 
  • Benefits of pre-making recipient sites
  • Long-hair FUE
  • Tensioner placement
  • Feathering edges in harvesting
  • Robotic graft selection

The presentation included case studies, photographs, and videos demonstrating the techniques. For more information on these exciting topics, see the following link, "Dr. Bernstein Presents Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Techniques at 2017 ARTAS Users Meeting"

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