Today's modern hair transplantation is very different than the old "hair plugs" and "corn rows" of the past. Long gone are the days of doll hair looking mini-grafts and plugs that have transformed bald men into monster look-alikes. In the 21st century, surgical hair restoration must be perfect right? The "cure for baldness" we've all been waiting for since childhood is it not? Today's surgical hair restoration procedures are great, but they are not a cure for male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, future hair loss treatment modalities such as "hair multiplication" and a miracle pill that magically transforms the balding scalp into a chia-pet are still years and maybe even decades away. But there is good news. Many men and women have been able to stop baldness and restore a natural, dense looking head of hair with today's modern treatments for baldness. So what are they? 

Stopping Hair Loss

Puting a halt on androgenetic alopecia (genetica baldness) is a good first step and is relatively effective, particularly in men who decide to do something about their hair loss early. To date, Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) are still the most effective non-surgical treatments that may help slow down or stop the effects of pattern baldness. Unfortunately, most women cannot use Propecia as it can cause birth defects in babies of pregnant women. Alternative treatments such as laser therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma and other topical solutions may be a help to women with hair loss.

Restoring a Full Head of Hair to the Bald Scalp

Only hair transplant surgery is proven to grow hair in completely bald areas. And while non-surgical treatments may or may not be effective, many men and women have successfully restored a good portion of their hair by selecting a world renowned hair surgeon and planning for both the short and long-term.

Hair transplant surgery isn't for everyone but can be invaluable to candidates who research and establish a hair restoration plan with a qualified hair restoration physician.

Who Are the Best Hair Surgeons?

The Hair Transplant Network has made it easy for men and women seeking hair restoration to select outstanding, world renowned Hair surgeons. Hair restoration physicians recommended by the Hair Transplant Network have been prescreened based on demanding standards and have an established record of producing outstanding results for many years. Visit our hair restoration research forum to see see results and to see what real patients of each physician are saying. Click here for a free virtual consult with one of our prescreened physicians.

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