Many have thought about changing something about their appearance but not everyone is ready to go under the knife for it. Some are bothered by their teeth, some are not happy with the form of the nose and many would like to get rid of excessive fat. Well there are good news for those who always hated having a double chin: Kybella — a new, nonsurgical method of removing that extra fat under your chin. Created by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals it is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment method that destroys excess fat under the chin and can improve the way you look. Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid, a natural fat absorber, that when injected under the chin — destroys fat cells. Of course this treatment is not perfect, it works best with those who have little fat under their chin. Younger patients will also reach better results when using Kybella, as their skin is more elastic than that of an older patient. Before using Kybella it is important to consult with a healthcare specialist, as it can cause some serious side effects if not used correctly. Specialists will examine the area around your chin and determine if Kybella is appropriate method for you. Depending on the fat amount under the chin the dosage may vary and it may take up to few treatment sessions with around one month break in between. But the results are worth the wait.