29B Słowiańska St. 50-234 Wrocław
  • 26 years of  the private medical practice in plastic, dermatology and laser surgeries, also provides oncologic surgeries 

  • The only medical institution in Poland, which specializes in treating tumors using Mohs’ method of micrographic surgery 

  • Leading specialists in clinic have a PhD degree 

Bieniek Clinic - is a great continuation of the private medical practice, which began in 1990 in the Center of Plastic, Dermatology and Laser Surgery. In addition to plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, the clinic provides diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases as well as oncologic and dermatologic surgeries.

It is the only medical institution in Poland, which specializes in treating tumors using Mohs’ method of micrographic surgery - technique that provides removal of cancer tissues under careful microscopic control (Dr. Bieniek is the only Polish doctor, who is a member of the European Society of Mohs Micrographic Surgery, has already performed about 1,000 of such procedures).

The clinic is ready to accept patients who need a rehabilitation period after their surgery, due to having two fully equipped recovery rooms. Also there are consulting rooms, a laboratory, two operating rooms and an outpatient room in the clinic, in which procedures in aesthetic medicine and laser therapy spheres are carried out.

Bieniek Clinic offers a very wide range of services. In a plastic surgery sphere there are liposuction, breast augmentation, hair transplant, lip augmentation and other procedures; in aesthetic medicine there are laser polishing, chemical peels, correction with hyaluronic acid; in dermatological and oncological surgery spheres there are removal of wens, pigmented moles, ingrown nails, treatment using Mohs’ method of micrographic surgery etc.

The clinic medical team consists of doctors and nurses with years of experience in work with patients. For Bieniek clinic staff safety and patient’s satisfaction are on the first place, and they will spare no effort to become exceptionally positive experience in their lives.


Andrzej Bieniek
Renata Bieniek

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