Abu Dhabi Gate City - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Danat Al Emarat Women's hospital in Abu Dhabi is one of the best children, maternity and women hospital in Abu Dhabi offering pregnancy & pediatric services Thank you for considering referring your patient to our facility for diagnostic imaging procedure. Hospital for Women and Children is committed in delivering the highest quality of care to each of its individual patient and using the latest in technology. Our team comprises of expert Radiologists and all women technologists. Equipment is all digital and is among the most advanced modality elsewhere in the Emirates. The services include general x-rays, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry and dedicated mammography and ultrasound units. In general the referral process is expected as follows: Report: Delivery and Inpatient All Physicians working at will have to be accredited before they are able to admit any patients into the hospital. In addition, if they perform certain specialized procedures, they will have to be privileged before they are permitted to do so. For the time being, will not be accrediting any community physicians. All patient admission including delivery and for surgery will be conducted by our in-house physicians. Referrals of patients to physicians will have to be done in advance in order to ensure that the care plan for the patient is done appropriately. Copyright © 2015 Hospital. All rights reserved. by Tonic: Advertising &     Select a doctor to book your appointment.


Alaa El Abbas Ali
Alaa Hassan Aly Swaify
Amin Hassan Abdelmagied
Anton Tiaum-Lok Tan
Aseel Abdul Ghani Alyozbakee
Ashish Bapurao Dhemre
Darakhshana Jabeen
Faiza Shahzad
Fareeda Banu Jahangir
Fatima Ibrahim Osman Salih
Federica Vagnarelli
Gowri Ramanathan
Hafiz Abdul Rehman
Hananh Yahi
Hazar Jandal Al Refaei
Hazar Jandal AlRefaei
Hilal Matta
Hind Habish
Ibrahim Mamoun El Imam
Imadeddin Mohamad Barakat
Iman Ahmed Ibrahim
Islam Sidky
Iviano Ossuetta
Kaveeta Rajesh
Khaled Moustafa Abdo El Quesny
Maha Saied Ahmed Eldohemy
Mahammad Puttu
Mahavir Gemavat
Mahesh Jain
Manal Adly Aziz
Mariam Sarwat Mina
Martina Saeid
Marwan Munir Kamil
Maryam Mousa Ammoura
Merlyne Robis Acedilla
Mohamed A. Latif Hassan Youssef
Mohamed Shaaban Adel
Mona Eldamati
Musaddaq Inayat
Neha Gami
Nicolas Denour
Nomaan Ali Malik
Nusaiba Osman
Penny Law
Raja Sekhar Cingapagu
Rehab Yousif Elsayed
Renuka Jangalgi
Rihan Abdou Sayed Ahmed Saafan
Samah Hamza
Samah Najeeb Mohamed Hamza
Sameer Kallaroth
Samina Nafees Ahmad
Sammar Mhadi Mohammed
Sandra Rojas Calderon
Seema Anand Chatteriee
Shabnam Faheem
Shaima Ali Subhi Mohamad
Shakeela Irfan
Shayma Hampton
Shereen Abdalla
Shroque Samir Zaher
Shweta Uppal
Siddalingana Thaplar Gouda
Siham El Rasoul
Siham ElRasoul
Siham Hassab El Rasoul
Suliman Ahmad Hussein
Sushma Umrao
Tatjana Andabaka
Tawfiq Walid Ghaza
Thomas Kunt
Tina Steinbacher Kokalj
Umesh Chandra Joashi
Vijaya Gowri Indrasen Ramanathan
Walid Sayed
Zahraa Adnan Mehsin
Zofia Alicja Kotyra

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