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Dr Osadowska Clinic

Dr Osadowska Clinic

  • Emphasis in the clinic is put on minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques 

  • Clinic actively expands its branches, that testifies the trust of big number of patients 

  • Painlessness and high quality at affordable prices 

The clinic was founded by Dr. Ilona Osadowska who has practiced aesthetic medicine since 2004. Dr. exites world news in the field of cosmetic surgery, investigating non-surgical rejuvenation techniques. That is why the emphasis in the clinic is put on minimally invasive techniques.

Particular attention is paid to biostimulation (using Ellanse materials) and biorevitalisation because, in addition to high quality, its results last longer than average. The clinic is actively developing and continues to expand its branches: nowadays they are located in Warsaw, Poznan and Szczecin. Its specialists are very attentive to each patient, it is important for them to build trustful relationships and make client feel secure.

That is why during the consultation they always make sure, whether the patient is fully aware of all the components of the procedure, find out all his expectations and then take him under their control and supervision from the beginning of the procedure until total patient’s recovery after it.

The clinic offers procedures in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery: from the face lift, lipoplasty and body shaping to operations in the field of aesthetic gynecology and blisters removal. The clinic is fully equipped with modern facilities, are used only high-quality materials from well-known brands.

Clinic’s team consists of professionals with years of experience in plastic surgery, who are passionate about their work, create a pleasant and reliable atmosphere and do their best to make each patient be completely satisfied with the result of their work.


Ilona Osadowska

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