Medyków 16, Katowice, Poland

John Paul II Upper Silesian Child Health Centre

Górnośląskie Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka w Katowicach


The Independent Public Clinical Hospital no. 6 of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, John Paul II Upper Silesian Child Health Centre is a hospital entirely dedicated to children and their health problems. The hospital has been operating since 1994, when the first Magnetic Resonance Laboratory in the south of Poland was opened. On 29 May 1999 an official opening ceremony of the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre took place, after over 30 years of the development of a concept for the establishment of a specialist hospital for children from our region. At that time only the so-called “low part” of the hospital was in operation. The “upper part” of the building was made available in 2000, when a ten-storey main building, in which the hospital departments and clinics are located nowadays, was opened.

Currently the Centre provides medical care for the developmental age population, offering outpatient medical advice in 30 specialist outpatient centres and conducting in-patient diagnostics and therapy in 16 hospital departments. In emergency situations a professional assistance is provided by one of two Pediatric Hospital Emergency Departments in the region. Each year nearly 17 thousand in-patients are admitted to the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre. The hospital provides 80 thousand specialist outpatient medical advice and 17 thousand medical services in the Hospital Emergency Department.

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