ICM, Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière, 47 Boulevard Hôpital, 75013 Paris, France

ICM Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord

ICM Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord

ICM Research and Technology Office holds the core of industrial partnerships. Incorporating industrial requirements at the earliest of a therapeutic or diagnosis project sets its best chance of success. This is why the team is here, to bridge the gap between the expertise and innovations of ICM academics and the needs of industry, in neuroscience care and diagnosis but also in wider applications. A vibrant team of a ten of executives takes care of 4 main missions: Looking for Licencing-in? ICM holds patents in the areas of: Alexis Génin holds a PhD in neurosciences. After a teaching and research assignment in Asia and collaborative programs with the pharmaceutical industry, he took responsibility of international business development operations for a Paris-based medtech & diagnostic company. He joined ICM in 2010 and heads the Research & Technology Development office. Contact : Email / Tél: +33 (0)1 57 27 40 69.         Pascale Altier is an expert in supporting the creation of innovative companies, with +20 years of experience first at Biocritt, then at Genopole, and finally as Director of Pasteur Biotop, the business incubator of Pasteur Institute. She is the Director of iPEPS-ICM, located on the 2nd floor of the Institute, and is in charge of supporting ICM researchers who wish to create their company. She also takes part in the board of administrators of Capintech. Contact : Email / Tél : +33 (0)1 57 27 41 84.       Ségolène Aymé, medical geneticist and epidemiologist, is currently Emeritus director of Research at INSERM. She was the founder of Orphanet (www.orpha.net) that she managed up to 2011. She also established the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases (www.ojrd.com) and still acts as editor-in-chief. She held several international positions in the field of rare diseases and orphan drugs. Ségolène will now use her experience to contribute to the dICM activities in favor of the 800 rare neurological diseases. Contact : Email / Tel: +       Serge Kinkingnéhun holds a PhD in Medical Imagery from Ecole de Mines and received the HEC Challenge+ training. Specialized in the detection and transfer of MedTech innovations and in the creation of startups, he notably founded the startup EyeBrain which develops medical devices to help diagnose neurological and psychiatric diseases analyzing eye movements. Serge is a Senior MedTech Development Manager at ICM. Contact :Email / Tel: +       Benjamin Morlon holds a master’s degree in Biochemistry & biopharmaceutical management from Paris business school. He previously worked in regional and national Technology Transfer Offices as IP and Licensing manager in Healthcare & Life Sciences fields. Benjamin is in charge of the Business Dcore facilities of the Institute. Contact : Email / Tél : +33 (0)1 57 27 42 28.       Alexis Steiner holds a PhD in industrial engineering from the “Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine”. He is specialized in the management of innovation. He has previously worked on projects of innovation of disrupting in a major group then in counselling strategy to SME leaders. Alexis is manager of the Living Lab uCIL, his role is to make to projects of innovation emerging and from the nursing of the staff and the patients of the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital. Contact : Email / Tél : + 33 (0)6 83 80 60 46.       Julien Elric holds a PhD in cell biology from Institut Pasteur. After graduating from INSEAD, he joined the business development and licensing department at Institut Curie where he has been in charge of the international development. Julien is the iPEPS-ICM incubator startup manager, and his activities range from providing support for startups development to fostering international innovation and entrepreneurship. Contact : Email / Tél : + 33 (0)1 57 27 41 51.       Valérie Fonteny holds a tourism technician’s certificate (national interpreter-guide) and an art history postgraduate diploma. She worked at the National Cancer Institute as an executive assistant and then as a project manager with the director of research. Previously, she worked for Orphanet, portal of rare diseases and orphan drugs. Valérie is Office Manager, in charge of the administrative management of partnerships and patents, and of logistical and organizational aspects of the team. Contact : Email / Tel: +       Pierre Georges-François has been working in the field of clinical research clinical for more than 15 years, 10 years of which having been spent within the French Pharma of Ipsen, where he managed all kind of clinical trials in various therapeutic areas, from Phase I first-in-Man clinical trials to pivotal phase III trials. Pierre is in charge of developing ICM’s clinical research collaborations with Pharma, biotech and MedTech industry players. Contact : Email / Tel: + 43.63.       Louise Remigereau holds a bachelor in communication and a master’s degree in event management. She is in charge of logistical and organizational aspects of the business incubator iPEPS-ICM. Contact : Email / Tél : +33 (0)1 57 27 47 77.           Johanna Flerant is an apprentice, as an assistant. She is in charge of the logistics and organization aspects of the team. Contact : Email / Tél : +33 (0)1 57 27 46 98.

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