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JJ Hongjinjoo Plastic Surgery

JJ Hongjinjoo Plastic Surgery

  • Medical clinic of Seoul National University Hospital; 
  • Innovative equipment available at big hospitals: ultraformer, accusculpt II, 3D CT etc.); 
  • Wide range of face plastic procedures: long face surgery, V-line lifting, skull surgery, wing of nose surgery etc.).   

JJ HongJinjoo plastic surgery hospital is a part of of a large international medical establishment - Seoul National University Hospital, which leads to a number of advantages, such as a highly experienced medical team and the latest equipment.

With 16 years of successful market presence, JJ HongJinjoo plastic surgery hospital offers one of the widest list of face plastic surgeries - long face surgery, V-line lifting, skull surgery, wing of nose surgery, cheekbones reduction, mini-facial contouring, facelifting, botox, mouth corner lifting etc.

Breast shaping, hair transplantation, body shaping, orthognathic surgery and ophthalmoplasty are also performed in the clinic on a very high-level.

State of the art equipment in JJ HongJinjoo plastic surgery hospital allows doctors reach excellent results in a very short terms.   For example, 3D CT in the clinic has the radiation exposure 1/50 compared to regular CT. Furthermore, image distortion caused by movement or discomfort of the patient is minimized by a shorter recording time.

Three-dimensional information allows doctors decrease operative time and do the correct procedure safely. Another device Accusculpt II, which has an excellent water and fat absorption and by using the laser doctors selectively remove unnecessary fat cells.

Accusculpt II can contour your face and wrinkles by melting the fat cells and sculpting your facial structure, by making it slimmer.


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