Admiralitätsstr. 4, 20459 Hamburg, Germany

The Fleetinsel Clinic Hamburg is one of the leading orthopedic specialty clinics in Germany. The clinic’s renowned – located on the historical Fleetinsel in Hamburg- is based on many years of experience and expertise. Clinic has unrestricted access for patients insured by both public and private healthcare. The Clinic values the personalized counseling of patients and take all the time necessary to find the perfect treatment, together. Therefore, the Fleetinsel Clinic finds itself on the top of the list for ‘patient satisfaction.’ The Fleetinsel Clinic patients should feel comfortable – from admission up to release from the facility. The clinic pleasant atmosphere and a modern interior also support recovery of the patients.

Each of the seventeen physicians is specialized in their own field. Spinal, joint, and foot surgeries are the main orthopedic focuses of the clinic. The clinic also focuses on sports trauma, groin and vascular surgeries. The chair of The Medical Scientific Expert Association acknowledges the qualifications of clinics physicians.

The Fleetinsel Clinic Hamburg is forward thinking with the highest quality standards, constantly working to improve for their patients. The clinic offers advanced diagnostic- and surgical techniques. It always choose surgical techniques with a focus on safety and care for the patients. Surgeries only take place in the state-of-the-art operating room, which meets all current technical standards. Moreover, patients can count on great care in the recovery room.

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