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Korea University Anam Hospital

Korea University Anam Hospital

  • The Hospital is a part of a large medical institution - Korea University Medical Center; 

  • State of the art equipment like Robot surgery, 3.0T MRI, PET-CT etc.; 

  • Numerous governmental and medical establishment’s  awards since 2011.

Korea University Anam Hospital is a part of well-known medical institution  Korea University Medical Center. Korea University Medical Center was launched in 1983 and since then expanded its facilities to three medical centers including Anam, Guro and Ansan, as well as three graduate schools, Health & Science University, ten laboratories, and specialized centers.  

Anam Hospital, which is a 1000-bed large medical facility, provides one of the best medical services on a wide range of areas including Neurology, Pediatrics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Radiology and many other departments.

The Clinic also consists of Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Center, Cryo Surgery Center and a few more.   Number of medical staff of the Hospital is over 2000 specialist with 600 doctors and almost 900 nurses.   In 2012 Anam Hospital treated 882 000 outpatients and 285 000 inpatients.  

The Hospital offers advanced equipment such as Robot surgery, Linear Accelerator, 3.0T MRI, PET-CT, TALS (Total Laboratory Automatic System) and many more. In near future, Anam Hospital is expecting to receive the certification of Joint Commission International (JCI) which proves its global standards maintaining.  

So far Anam Hospital has the following awards:  

2011 Grand prize of ‘Selection by customers’  

2011 Prime-minister's prize from Ministry of Health and Welfare  

2015 Korea health and medical cure grand prize.


Cho Yoon-ae
Kim Hyo-myung
Oh Jae-ryong

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