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Nuremberg Hospital North

Nuremberg Hospital North, North Hospital


Klinikum Nuremberg is a maximum medical care hospital and one of the largest municipal hospitals in Europe. With its 2,370 beds and two locations - one in the north and one in the south of the city - and with its staff of over 6,000, Klinikum Nuremberg is the biggest health service provider in the region that provides almost 100,000 inpatients and of around 90,000 outpatients per year. There are 35 specialty departments, centers and institutes located on Klinikum Nuremberg grounds, that covers almost every medical area.

At Klinikum Nuremberg world-famous specialists from various specialty departments work in multidisciplinary cooperation. Starting with preventive screening, including diagnostic procedures and treatments and ending with aftercare and rehabilitation treatment, you will find specialists with long-term professional experience satisfying your needs.

Medical treatment in Klinikum Nuremberg promises the best in medical care and superb performance in conservative and operative medicine.

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