The Fairmont Dubai Office 620-621 Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai
  • Doctors - authors of first plastic surgery manual in Hungary; 

  • Implementation of a unique Australian technique against headaches; 

  • Department of pain management with back, neck and joint pain treatments. 

OCP Medical Center is situated at The Fairmont Hotel Dubai. It can provide its clients not only with the variety of medical treatments, but with the personal coordinator to assist in arrangements of all the procedures. Regarding plastic surgery department, OCP Medical Center can offer such surgical procedures like: face lifting, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, facial implants, liposuction, breast lift, filler injections, botox and much more.

Leading surgeon, Dr Annamaria Kovacs, who is also an author of the own first plastic surgery manual in Hungary, uses the safest, most advanced technologies and techniques, such as the endoscopic camera and minimally invasive methods, to produce the most natural-looking results.

With her 25 years of experience, the doctor became an expert in operations with teardrop polyurethane breast implants, liposuction with syringe technique, breast reductions, buttock, calf silicone implants or fat transfer. OCP Medical Center can also offer services of The OCP Headache Clinic, which specializes in a unique Australian technique in analyzing, treating and solving headache and migraine conditions.

Aside from a headache, OCP Medical Center has a whole department dedicated to pain management, where medical specialists will help you to overcome back and neck pain, joint complaints or more serious cases caused by failed back surgery syndrome, CRPS, peripheral neuropathies, peripheral vascular disease and others.

Immunization, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and psychology departments are available in the Clinic as well.


  • DHA - Dubai Health Authority (United Arab Emirates)

  • ZKN - Zelfstandige Klinieken Nederland (Netherlands)  

dha zkn


Annamaria Kovacs
Henk van Driel

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