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Pattaya International Hospital

Pattaya International Hospital

  • Traditional chinese methods of treatment; 

  • Individual health check-up programmes, depending on gender, age and habits; 

  • Alternative methods of treatment, like bloodletting and cupping therapy.   

Pattaya International Hospital is a multi-specialised center with the following departments: acupuncture center, bio laser treatment (low wattage intravenous laser), dermatology and plastic surgery, dialysis center, ENT and eye centers, general surgery, oncology center, orthopedic surgery and many others.  

The hospital provides unique methods of treatments, such as: cupping therapy, which loses muscles, improves blood circulation and energy flow. It is usually used for shoulder pain, tightness, heaviness, arthritis or even common cold.  

Blood letting procedure helps patients to get rid of old, overheated and often black blood, what allows the body to replace it with new, clean blood.  

Another traditional chinese procedure - the fire dragon method for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with no surgery and no oral medicine. This method applies heat from the skin through the specific points relating to the prostate gland. It can improve blood circulation, eliminate excess pathogens and disperse obstruction.  

Furthermore, after this procedure the kidney and reproductive system can be strengthened and the body can return to its harmony condition of Yin and Yang equilibrium.  

Pattaya International Hospital offers 80 inpatient beds, 24 hours emergency service, and a full range of advanced facilities, including intensive care, x-ray, laboratory, dental clinic, fully-equipped operating theatres and a physical therapy center.


Choochart Denfanapapol
Jessada Suwannasin
Waraporn Klanwarin

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