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Praxis für Orthopädie und spezielle orthopädische Chirurgie

Praxis für Orthopädie und spezielle orthopädische Chirurgie Dr. C. Jantea

  • Specializes in limbs orthopedics. 

  • Diagnostics and therapies are performed for all age groups.

  • Has the necessary qualifications of doctors and equipment for surgical treatment of the full spectrum of operational methods.

Center for hands and feet surgery, shoulder and elbow, as well as rheumatological surgery. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out to all patients groups regardless of age. 

Conducts treatment for both outpatient and inpatient in the following areas:

  • Orthopaedics and special Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Rheumatology / Rheumatological surgery

  • Surgery of hands and feets

  • Elbows and shoulders surgery

  • Pediatric orthopedics

  • Congenital malformations and syndromes

  • Revision surgery

  • Development of medical expert opinion. 

The wohl range of operating methods is applied for performing a surgical treatment, such as:arthroscopy, joint replacement, corrective osteotomy, arthrolysis, arthrodesis, nerve replacement surgery, biological reconstruction of the articular surfaces of bones and joints transplantation, microsurgery tissue transplantation, tendon surgery, amputation, and others.  


Christian Jantea

Medical procedures

Orthopedics procedures


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