Berliner Allee 15, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Augenklinik Dr. Breyer, Dr. Kaymak, Dr. Klabe/ Praxisklinik an den Schadow Arkaden Düsseldorf

Praxisklinik / Augenlaser Zentrum an den Schadow Arkaden Düsseldorf

  • Doctors examination allows to solve a full range of issues related to the patient's eye diseases. 

  • Leading surgeons of the hospital are considered innovators in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases.

  • Uses the latest minimally invasive techniques of operational implementation: has wide range of modern laser therapy that are unique in Germany. One of the leading specialists in the world.

Treatment of out- and inpatient is provided by the team of conservative eye doctors and surgeons in the Eye Center in Schadow Arkaden Düsseldorf. Ophthalmic surgeons with different specialization, in eye surgery clinic will select an effective solution to eye problems and virtually all of the eye diseases. 

Diagnosis and treatment methods are compliant to modern scientific standards. The wide range of treatment methods and quality of the of medical services is not inferior to that of a large international medical institutions. At the same time, the clinic applies scientifically based innovative methods, including the development of its own ophthalmic surgical techniques and technologies.

Top surgeons of the clinik are:

  • Expert on laser surgery and surgery on the eye lens - Dr. D. Breyer,

  • Specialist in the vitreous body and eye retina Dr. H. Kaymak and

  • Specialist in glaucoma Dr. K. Klabe

They are considered pioneers in their respective fields and are known worldwide. In their work they use the latest minimally invasive techniques of operational implementation. This method of modern laser therapy is unique in Germany. What makes them one of the leading specialists in eye surgery worldwide.  


Detlev R. H. Breyer

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