Peter-Müller-Straße 20, 40468 Düsseldorf (Airport City), Germany

Radprax Düsseldorf

Radprax Vorsorgeinstitut GmbH, Radiologische Praxis

  • Specializes in high accuracy medical diagnostics. 

  • Uses the most advanced technologies and methods of detection and analysis of disease symptoms.

  • Collaborates with a large number of hospitals, universities and medical specialists, enabling them to attract resources in case of emergency.

Centre for Radiology and Preventive Medicine Radprax, founded in 2007, located close to Dusseldorf Airport, is one of the most modern  prevention facilities in Germany and offers services of modern medical examination at the highest medical and technical level. One of the main directions of the center is a diagnostics of cardiovascular  and oncological diseases. 

The purpose of the concept of preventive examinations (Check-Up) at radprax center is to identify potential weaknesses in the body. It uses the most advanced technologies in the field of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and ultrasound examinations.

Forms Check-Up (preventive examinations for detection of diseases at an early stages):
XS - whole body examination
The entire body examination of the neuro-emotional stress.
Whole body examination
Survey of the whole body plus cardio - vascular system
Survey of the whole body, plus diagnosis of cancer.

In Radprax center Duesseldorf 5 doctors of different specialisations are practicing at the moment. All of them specialize in the diagnostics and early detection of diseases with the help of modern medical technology. In cases of diseases and conditions with unclear diagnoses a combined group of 50 doctors from Radprax network, each of them experts in the field of radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy are always available to get an accurate diagnosis and choose an appropriate treatment method. A co-operation with a large number of hospitals, universities and medical specialists guarantees the continuous improvement of the level of medical knowledge.


Andreas Boldt
Christoph Steinmeyer
Jan Weber
Marek Wentges

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