HaAliya HaShniya St 8, Haifa, Israel

Rambam Healthcare Campus

Rambam Healthcare Campus

Medical Center “Rambam” in Israel was founded in 1938, and is a largest multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment center in the northern region of Israel. Medical center is named after Rabbi Moses ben Maimon prominent Jewish philosopher, physician and scholar of the middle ages.

In the “Rambam” hospital are working 4,100 people which includes 850 doctors, 1500 nurses and 1750 paramedics and administration.

At medical center “Rambam” nobel prize winners are working such as  Prof. Avram Hershko, Prof. Dan Shechtman.

Each year in “Rambam” hospital there are around 50 000 surgical operations, 80,000 hospitalizations, 100,000 patients were treated in the emergency room, 500,000 patients were treated in day hospitals and received 5,000 births.
"Rambam" hospital is also providing medical services to UN representatives

Departments and Head Doctors

Профессор Рафи Биар
Государственная Больница Рамбам

Medical procedures

Dentistry procedures
Reproductive medicine procedures
Orthopedics procedures


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