389, Gonghang-daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
  • Minimally invasive spinal surgery and Joint replacement surgery; 

  • High recognition of remarkable results in scientific world (Asian Spine Journal, European Spine Journal etc.); 

  • Regular visits of Singapore, China, Russia and Uzbekistan professionals for Bumin’s doctors experience. 

Bumin Hospital is a globally recognized for its excellence in spine and joint treatment medical institution for over 30 years. The Hospital was established in 1985 and today consists of such specialized centers like Joint center, Spine center, Sports rehabilitation center, Health promotion center, Pain management center, External wound center, Hand and Foot center and Digestive organ center.  

Clinic’s main policy is a minimally invasive surgery providing maximum treatment effect with minimized trauma to patients. Main advantages of such treatment are the following: Less damages to nerves, tissues and bones Less blood loss and less scarring Reduced Pain Faster recovery, reduced hospital stay, non-transfusion, reducing risk of blood infection Better for diabetic patients  

In 2011 Bumin Hospital recorded 80,000 surgical cases and 266,000 outpatient cases. Bumin displays outstanding spinal surgery results using Minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques (i.e. Endoscopic surgery, Microscope assisted spinal surgery, MAS-TLIF).

Its results are being recognized by the global medical society through numbers of published articles in top journals such as SCI (Science Citation Index), Asian Spine Journal, European Spine Journal and ISSLS (The International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine). Bumin Hospital is sharing its experience and knowledge in Minimally invasive spinal surgery and joint replacement surgery.

Medical professionals from Singapore, China, Russia and Uzbekistan, visited Bunim to observe surgeries done. Over past years the Hospital has a number of awards. It was twice named Korea's Best Specialty Hospital in Global Medical Service Award (2010, 2011) for its excellence in global medical service within joint and spine area.

The Hospital also certified by Ministry of Health & Welfare of Korea. The Ministry very selectively certified hospitals for its specialty, selecting only 10 hospitals in Korea.

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