Oncology in China

Oncology is the medical area that deals with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Oncology is a highly developing and ever changing field with significant research and trials conducted constantly around the globe. There are many clinics all over the world which specialise solely in oncology or have dedicated oncology departments and units.

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Shanghai Skin Disease Hospital
上海市皮肤病医院始建于1945年,是目前本市唯一一所以皮肤病、性病为主的三级专科医院。内部开设有皮肤内科、皮肤外科、中西医结合皮肤科、性病科、治疗科、医学美容科、皮肤与化妆品研究室、感染科、综合皮肤病房、内科病房等临床科室和药剂科、检验科、病理科、医学影像科技辅助科室,以及银屑病、脱发、甲病和老年病康复等专病门诊。 ...
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