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Check-up and Screening

A full physical examination or specific organ screening are the best forms of preventive healthcare which help to diagnose and to check the status of your health.

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We assist with your request to a clinic. We check if it meets clinic's requirements or if any additional information is needed. We forward your request to a clinic, follow up to ensure a duly reply, help to receive an offer.

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Wunderdoc connects you with trusted and high quality clinics and doctors in Europe, Asia and other countries. We choose clinics based on former patient reviews, expert assessments, approval by accreditation institutions, clinic's scientific activities and media reputation.
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Wunderdoc provides you with an objective and detailed information on healthcare providers and ensure direct communication with a clinic or its representative. This way you avoid any unclarity or deception from unscrupulous intermediaries and overpaying medical fees.
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We make sure that you receive an offer from a clinic or its representative and help you to answer any questions connected to your stay in a selected clinic and country.

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