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Wunderdoc Assistant is your personal guide on medical drugs. It helps you to find relevant information on drug’s indication, ingredients, side effects, dosage, etc.

To help you find these answers, we have trained Wunderdoc to navigate through more than 100 topics to extract trustworthy and relevant information from more than 100,000 profiles of marketed drugs in the United States. Give it a go and ask a question! If any of the drug’s manufacturers wrote about it and our system functions properly, we will find you a relevant answer.

What can you ask?

For example, let’s find out more about Advil:

1. What is Advil used for?
2. Is it same as Ibuprofen?
3. What are its analogues?
4. Who produces it?
5. What does it contain?
6. What its forms are available?
7. Are there any contraindications of it?
8. Can I take it if I have allergic reaction?
9. What are its possible side effects?
10. Can I take 2 tablets of its at once?
11. How its overdose may affect me?
12. What risks can it pose?
13. Does it pose any risk during pregnancy?
14. Can it be given to children?

Please note that Wunderdoc does not provide medical advice, establish diagnosis or prescribe treatment. You should always seek medical advice from your doctor. Never disregard professional medical help or delay seeking it because of the information found through Wunderdoc and Google Assistant. Wunderdoc should be used for information and educational purposes only.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Please let us know, we value feedback and learn together with you!

Where do we take this information on drugs from?

We take it from DailyMed site, which is a comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date resource for medical and labelling content. It is also an official provider of FDA label information.

Where can you use?
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