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Advantages for Your Clinic

Increase your profit
New international patients can increase your income and make you known in a number of countries which in turn can provide you with more new patients and income.
There is a vast world out there and the constantly growing market for international patients has immense potential! Use your chance now! A wide range of people are looking to combine their holidays with medical treatment. Wunderdoc can help you to reach out to these customers without any additional costs for your clinic. We cover all marketing expenses to promote your clinic.

Save your time
Wunderdoc helps you to manage all international requests with ease and efficiency as well as to trace all correspondence in chronological order.
With Wunderdoc Messanger you can easily discuss treatment process, suggest estimated costs and arrange appointments with your patients. You can also save previously estimated prices to use for future requests. This increases patient trust and communication transparency as well as provides fair market conditions and prevents from spending much time on any similar cost requests.

Reduce processing costs
Wunderdoc adapts patient requests to clinic standards. This way you can manage a lot more patients with little administrative costs.
Wunderdoc platform can be adjusted to your clinic needs and working process in order to simplify dealing with international patients, thus saving you time and money.

Have free marketing campaigns
We are going to introduce your clinic to a wide range of international patients. Our main target is to promote your clinic, not Wunderdoc.
Wunderdoc introduces your clinic to a wide range of patients from different countries. We focus on patient-clinic relationship, and as a result promoting your clinic is our priority. For example, a patient looks for “Plastic Surgery” in Google, and Wunderdoc optimises the request with the help of certain algorithms to provide this patient with all required information on your clinic, including its departments, pictures and description. The information is provided in English. A detailed clinic profile can then be displayed to a patient with an option to contact your clinic to establish any further communication. 

Establish transparent relationship with customers
Wunderdoc provides you with an opportunity to have a completely transparent relationship with patients before, during and after treatment.
Wunderdoc does not work with any third party agencies and, being a German company, provides maximum security and reliability. Through our two-sided patient-clinic concept and lack of language barrier, Wunderdoc achieves transparency and trust on both sides.

Provide patients with aftercare service
You can stay in touch with your patients after treatment and arrange follow-up visits if needed.
Wunderdoc allows you to manage patients' history and have access to detailed information on your patients at all times.  

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