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Communication with patients

Step 1
Sign in
If you are already a registered Wunderdoc member and went through authorisation process, you will be automatically transferred to your personal account each time you use Wunderdoc platform. To sign up your clinic, please contact our Customer service

Step 2
Receive Enquiries
You can communicate with international patients by using Wunderdoc platform. Each time a patient sends a request or message you will receive a notification via e-mail. Using a link provided you will be able to gain direct access to a particular conversation on Wunderdoc.

Step 3
Wunderdoc communication is much more convenient and time-saving than standard e-mail exchange. Wunderdoc gives you additional means to improve connection with your patients, including treatment cost calculator, calendar, automatic invoicing tool and much more. Please contact us for detailed information and the list of our services.

Step 4
Arrange an Appointment
After receiving an estimated cost of treatment and a proposed appointment date from you, a patient will decide whether to confirm the treatment with your clinic. When a patient's confirmation is received, it is forwarded to your clinic by Wunderdoc together with patient's file. It is now time just to wait for your patient.

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