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Support Fee - € 35

Select the most suitable clinic from the list of more than 700 clinics in 40 countries and discuss your case directly with a clinic's representative. We will help to select a clinic depending on your needs and advise on how to create a request to ensure you receive a detailed reply. 

With Wunderdoc you receive an opportunity to communicate with the selected clinic directly. Clinics provide their quotes based on individual cases and information received. We do not charge any commission on your medical bill. 

Terms of Wunderdoc support service:

All enquiries are checked to correspond to a clinic's requirements. We may ask you to clarify your request or add missing information. In this case, we guarantee a reply from a clinic, but do not hold responsibility for its content or completeness. Response timing varies significantly depending on the clinic and is usually 2 days to 2 weeks. In case you do not receive a response within this time frame, we refund the support fee. Our service is deemed complete when the clinic replies to your request. We reserve the right to refuse processing a request without explaining the reason and to refund the support fee. 

Clinics receive requests in English unless stated otherwise. The documentation needs to be translated in English (in some cases, in German). If you require a translation, the cost of this servce is calculated individually, depending on a workload (usually € 35 p/h). Generally, to translate a request and all required documents takes approximately 3 hours. Please do contact us if you have any further questions. 

Still have questions? Check our FAQ page.

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