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Privacy Policy

(Effective: 07/2018)

We take confidentiality of our clients very seriously and take responsibility for the safety of our clients private information.

We are fully compliant with the data protection legislation of Germany and European Union. This document is designed to explain how your data is handled in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This Policy outlines the following:

The collection and storage of your private data as a client and our web-site user and the way it is handled;
Sources of obtaining such data;
How we use the data;
How we store the data;
Who we can disclose the data to;
How your data is protected as per current data protection legislation.

Main Principle

We collect, use and store your private data only in volumes necessary to provide you with a service required.

HealthTech GmbH («We», «Company» or «Wunderdoc») is the controller of all private information collected, stored and used by Wunderdoc for the purpose of service provision, protection of legitimate HealthTech GmbH interests as well as those of the society, state and your own interests as a client.

Collection, processing and use of personal data
What personal data is collected

Private data is defined by any information related to yourself, which allows to identify you as a private individual such as your name and surname, e-mail address, payment details and our web-site access level. We collect data the moment you access our web-site, authorise yourself or when you contact us directly. Information which can not be directly linked to certain private individual (e.g.web-site users statistics) is not considered to be private.

We collect the following categories of private data:

1. Name, surname, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, payment details;
2. All messages and requests sent to chosen medical providers (hereafter – service providers) along with the messages and requests sent by service providers to yourself through our service;
3. All created requests, correspondence and payment history;
4. Our web-site log in and usage history;
5. Messages sent to us via e-mail, chat, phone calls and social media.
6. Geographical location of your personal computer or other device in real time mode through your IP-address, type of browser and language used.

Your personal data about physical or mental health is considered to be “sensitive” as per current data protection legislation. You choose what data of such nature is to be disclosed to service provider or ourselves. Providing this information you agree this data to be used in order to provide the requested service in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

When we use your personal data and how long we store it for

In the majority of cases we need to process your private data in order to get in touch with chosen Service Provider and monitor the process of providing the necessary information by Service Provider to yourself.

Your personal data is used for the following purposes:

1. By providing the requested service, we use your personal data for the following purpose: to find the suitable Service Provider and arrange the direct communication with its representatives;
2. We email you the message indicating the status change of your request. We also email you all the messages from Service Provider or Wunderdoc Support. These messages are not of marketing nature and can not be excluded;
3. We use your payment details for accounting, invoicing and audit;
4. We can disclose your personal data to government and law enforcement agencies in order to comply with the current legislation;
5. We use your personal data to maintain the relationship with you as a Client and improve our service;

Consent can be obtained only from individuals of 16 years of age or older. Parents or carers consent is required for children under 16 years of age. We will not store your data longer then required by the process of service provision. In order to determine the duration your data is stored we consider the quantity, nature and sensitivity of your personal data; purposes we need the data for and whether it can be achieved by other means. We also take in consideration the possibility of grievance procedures along with our business rights protection if requested. When personal data is no longer needed, it will be deleted.

Safety of your personal data

We follow safety procedures whilst storing and disclosing your personal data. Site connectivity is encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL is a standard encryption of personal data to be safely passed on via Internet.

We can disclose your personal data to third parties listed in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Exchange

Your personal data can be disclosed to third parties for the purposes listed below:

1. We disclose the following data to Service Provider: your name and surname, date of birth, gender, original request text along with all the messages sent to Service Provider representatives.

Please be aware, that our service automatically collates Service Providers information from Internet. In particular, this information is collected from public domains of clinics, private practices, medical centres and other medical institutions. That is the way of medical institution profile creation on our web-site. When you send a request to one of Service Providers, we send your personal data to email address, mentioned on Service Provider’s Web-Site. We can use various e-mail addresses either mentioned on Service Provider web-site or sent to us directly. We are unable to guarantee and monitor Service Provider compliance with EU data protection regulation as well as technical and operational procedures in place to achieve your personal data protection. We do not take responsibility for the usage of your personal data by third parties in their own interests. Please refer to third party Privacy Policy for more information. Wunderdoc Support reserves the right to edit or translate the message sent by you or Service Provider in order to achieve the best outcome in communication between you and Service Provider. Wunderdoc Support moderators have access to the following information: your name and surname, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, your browser chosen language, your personal computer geographic location, your enquiry text and all the messages to and from Service Provider.

2. Government, law enforcement and regulatory agencies;
3. Service providers used to run our business such as Cloud and web-mail providers;
4. Payment companies requiring payment information in order to carry out a transaction or guarantee a secure payment;
5. Legal or other professional consultants, judges or law enforcement agencies to protect our business rights as per legal contract signed by both parties.

Your account

You can create an account on our web-site or, by sending request to Service Provider, it will be created automatically. When you register your account via third parties (e.g. Facebook or Google), we obtain the information shared with us by such third parties according to their privacy settings. All data collected during the registration process will be handled in accordance with the present Privacy Policy.

Your personal information sent to Service Provider in your requests is considered “sensitive” as per current data protection legislation. When correspondence with Service provider is resumed, we archive your request and all related correspondence. This data is stored in our database but will no longer be available via your account on our web-site.

We keep your data whilst your account is active. You can refuse to provide your consent for private data processing at any time and delete your personal data by notifying us via e-mail


To optimise our web-site functionality we use cookies. Cookies are used for web-site traffic analysis, navigation management and other functions. By using our web-site you agree that we can store and use cookies on your device. You can deactivate cookies in your browser settings. This will reduce the functionality of the web-site, but will not affect your user access level. Cookies are small text files, transferred to your hard drive through web-browser for the purpose of user’s identifying whilst browsing our web-site.

Google Analytics

Our web-site uses Google Analytics – web-analysis service by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to help to identify how users browse the web-site. IP-anonymizer is in place and only in exceptional cases full IP-address is sent to Google server in the USA to be shortened. Google, representing HealthTech GmbH, uses this information to evaluate web-site traffic, create activity reports and for other services, related to usage of the web-site and internet by HealthTech GmbH. Your IP-address, sent by your browser, can not be used in conjunction with other information obtained by Google.You can choose to unable cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser. You can also prevent sending and processing of your data collected by cookies in the process of our web-site use (including your IP-address) by downloading and installing a plug-in following the link:

External Web-sites

Our site contains links to external web-sites. We can not be held responsible for the confidentiality policies of external web-sites or their actions such as collecting and processing of your personal data.

Your Users Rights

You have right to:

1. Request the information about whether we store any personal data and reason for that.
2. Request access to your personal data.
3. Request the correction of your personal data. You can also make changed to your personal information via your profile on our web-site.
4. Request the deletion of your personal information unless we have good reasons to keep it for further processing.
5. Request the transmission of your personal data in digital and structured form to yourself or other party (data transfer right).
6. Consent withdrawal. On limited occasions, when you gave your consent to collect, process and disclose your personal data for certain purpose, you can withdraw your consent to process such information at any time. We will stop processing your personal information upon notification receipt about consent withdrawal unless we have other legal grounds to proceed. You can withdraw your consent to use your personal data by sending a request to

Access to your private data is free of charge. However, we can charge a small fee in case if your request is too complex or unreasonable. As an alternative, we might refuse to carry out the request under such circumstances.

If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy or how we process your personal data, please get in touch with one of our representative via e-mail:

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our data protection measures if this becomes necessary due to technical or legal developments. In such cases, we will be updating the information content of our Privacy Policy. Please check this page regularly to get the latest version of this document.


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