Nagy Jenő u. 8, 1126 Budapest, Hungary
  • One of the best private health centers in Hungary.

  • Offers a wide range of services, diagnostic packages and treatments.

  • More than 150 specialists in 45 medical fields.

Buda Health Center is private health institution that is located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest and offers a wide range of services in different medical areas for both private and corporate patients. Among the wide range of services and diagnostic, and treatment procedures Buda Health Center offers many examination packages for patients of all age groups.

The experienced medical team of the Health Center will provide a high standard treatment with using state of the Art technologies. There are more than 150 renowned specialists in 45 medical fields. All of the specialist are experienced professionals, with international and national training. As a patient oriented and continually developing health institution, with use of a modern technologies and treatment methods, Buda Health Center has become one of the leading private institutions in Hungary.

Медицинские процедуры

Стоматологические процедуры
ЛОР процедуры
Ортопедические процедуры
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Входит в ТОП-100 лучших клиник Германии по версии Focus Gesundheit
Расположена не далее чем в часе езды от столицы региона
Успешно специализируется на указанном диагнозе по мнению экспертов Focus Gesundheit
Отвечают в течение 2 рабочих дней
Предоставляют русско-язычное сопровождение
Указана примерная стоимость оказания услуг клиникой

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