81 Irwon-Ro Gangnam-gu. Seoul, South Korea
  • Puts patient satisfaction on a first place and has won many prices as patient oriented hospital.

  • One of a leading medical institution in South Korea with a wide range of medical services, powerful research and training departments.

  • Innovative approach to treatment and patients happiness.

Samsung Medical Center was founded 1994 In Seoul, and during the years have become one of the leading medical institutions in South Korea. Making a customer satisfaction, and customer orientation as its main goal, Samsung medical Center took a first place in the National Customer Satisfaction Index for a 14 times and 16 times in the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index and many others.

Samsung Medical Center is widely known for its innovative look in the modern medicine. It has many innovative programs that strive to improve medical treatments and promote patients happiness. Medical Center has around 1400 highly experienced doctors and 2 600 nurses who are working with most advanced medical equipment to make sure that all the patients receive top medical treatment. A group of approximately of 1000 Researchers and 2 900 Pharmacists and medical engineers are constantly working on a new medicine, treatment methods and equipment improvements.

Samsung Medical Center helps almost 2 000 000 outpatients and 85 000 inpatients every year. And conducts more that 45 000 surgeries. The Hospital is equipped with around 1 900 beds that allows it to treat such a high number of inpatients. Apart from treatment and research, Samsung Medical Center is also a renowned education center for specialists that cooperates with Sungkunkwan University and has several medical training programs.

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